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Uzbekistan to Build a High-Speed Ring Railway

Uzbekistan is to build a high-speed ring railway, the Uzdailly refers to Akhborot TV Channel. The project was already presented to the Uzbekistan President Shavkat Mirziyoyev.

The project will take three years. The 71.2 km railway will be built around Tashkent. With two tracks, in total of 140 km of track will be built. With 26 stations, the ring railway will operate 10 trains with 7 minutes waiting time. The total travel will take about an hour.

Uzbekistan is also planning to build transportation hubs with buses, metro and other transports on the basis of the ring railway.

The project is worth 265 M USD and is financed by Uzbekistan State Budget (185 M USD) and the Fund for Reconstruction and Development of Uzbekistan (80 M USD). Foreign investments will also be attracted to the project.

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