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KVSZ to Supply 38 Passenger Coaches to Ukrainian Railways

Kryukovsky Car-Building Plant (KVSZ) won a tender announced by Ukrainian Railways for 38 passenger coaches, the RZD-Partner reports.

KVSZ quoted 875,28 M UAH, while the other bidder, Kharkiv Car-Building Plant, quoted 875,52 M UAH.

“Although long-distance passenger transportation remains loss-brining while tariffs have not been raised since October 2014, our goal is to improve service for passengers”, Ukrainian Railways Chairman Wojciech Balczun commented.

Ukrainian Railways is planning to acquire 50 passenger coaches in 2017 with 43 being second-class (“coupé”) and 7 transformer coaches. The company has already bought 12 coaches. Furthermore, Ukrainian Railways is to repair over 150 coaches in 2017.

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