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RZD Senior VP Gapanovich Might Leave His Position

Valentin Gapanovich, OAO RZD Senior Vice President and Chief Engineer supervising innovations and technical policy, might leave the company, the Interfax quotes its sources. OAO RZD only reported that in course of the Board of Directors’ meeting today the company is to “review assignments and dismissals of the Executive Board Members”.

Some of Interfax’s sources say that Mr. Gapanovich could be succeeded by North Railway Head Sergey Kobzev while Mr. Gapanovich might be appointed Advisor to OAO President.

Valentin Gapanovich was appointed OAO RZD Senior Vice President in 2008. Prior to that, since 2003, he was Vice President supervising technical development of the company. Mr. Gapanovich also chairs OPZT, non-commercial partnership of railway equipment manufacturers.

Prior to his appointment as Head - North Railway, Sergey Kobzev was Head of Locomotive Dept. with OAO RZD, General Manager with VNIIZhT R&D Institute, Head - Kuibyshevskaya Railway and Transmashholding Technical Director.

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